After an extensive search, you finally stumble upon your dream position at your ideal company. However, despite your wealth of experience and impressive qualifications, you don’t meet all the listed requirements for the role. Don’t let this deter you from applying. In today’s job market, recruiters often prioritise qualities beyond a rigid checklist of prerequisites. While technical ability and domain-specific expertise do hold value, recruiters increasingly seek candidates with adaptable transferable skills, a positive attitude, and cultural compatibility.

Perhaps you choose not to apply because the industry is unfamiliar, fear of potential competition, a perceived lack of experience, or you just don’t feel the timing is right. Its time to flip the script and try to adopt a positive approach!

Here are some strategies from our experienced recruitment consultants to help you secure a position, even if you don’t fully match the requirements listed:

  1. Acknowledge the reality: as mentioned earlier, recruiters aren’t looking for the candidate that meets every listed requirement. If you align with a substantial portion—let’s say 50% or more—and are passionate, positive and have a thirst for learning, seize the opportunity and apply.
  2. Highlight your transferable skills: cite instances where you’ve made tangible contributions and added value to past projects. Provide specific examples illustrating how your competencies can drive business success in duties of the same nature listed in the job description
  3. Showcase your soft skills: Highlight traits like inquisitiveness, diligence, and adaptability, which indicate your capacity to quickly grasp new concepts.
  4. Express genuine interest in both the company and the role you aspire to: Demonstrate your eagerness to contribute and collaborate effectively within the organisation and how you will add value to the role.

In summary, there’s no downside to applying for your dream position at your dream company. Embrace the uncertainty, seize the opportunity, and pursue the role—despite any lingering doubts. The potential gains are immeasurable.

At Sabre Recruiting, we are here to help elevate your team by finding the right fit for your organisation, whether you require short or long-term recruiting services. With a cumulative experience of over 30 years, our dedicated recruiting team possesses extensive knowledge across various industries, including Engineering, FMCG, Mining & Minerals, Wastewater, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Device, Materials Handling, Robotics and Automation.

Our strength lies in our ability to identify exceptional talent for our clients, all the while forging connections that seamlessly align our candidates with fulfilling career pathways. Get in touch with us today to start the conversation and find out more.

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